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Dear all,


A bit of an update…


We have decided not sign a new lease for the shop so the Orange Bakery shop itself will be ending on Saturday 24th June.


We have had the most amazing four years  and we owe an enormous amount to our lovely customers who have put up with our ever changing menu and our fluctuating hours and the queue!


BUT this is not the end of bread in Watlington.


Since the start of the year we have been training up people from the town to become bakers. This ‘baking squad’ are now amazing and, with our support, they are going to take the bakery on.


BUT it will now be a Saturday pop up starting from September. If all goes well it will become a Friday and Saturday pop and probably in the Watlington Club in the function room but we will let everyone know nearer the time


Lots of lovely people have offered to help and we will be training up more community bakers and if all goes well it will become a fully fledged community bakery that you can buy shares in (but more news on that later in the year).


It didn’t make sense to keep the actual shop as the community bakery gets going but the pop up will have everything the shop used to have.


While this is all going on we’re going to be devoting more time to Kitty’s Kits.


So far Kitty has managed to give over 5000 kits to various schools, charities and community groups. We’d like to see that number grow and see too if we can get the kits into shops and supermarkets.


We’re really excited about the potential of this especially the charity side and watch this space for more news.



From July 5th to the 23rd (open Wednesday through to Sundays 10am-4pm) we will be running a plant based cafe up by the beacon on Watlington Hill.  Serving up bread, delicious salads, ice cream sandwiches drinks and an amazing view. We cannot wait to see you there and at the pop ups in future. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, from the earliest subscribers to crowdfunders, customers and followers. We have loved every minute of it.

al & kitty
kitty and al.jpg

Al & Kitty


We are a father and daughter run bakery in Watlington, Oxfordshire, specialising in sourdough bread and freshly made pastries.


Our basic bread contains just three ingredients – flour, water and salt. And a fourth – time. Each loaf takes over 24 hours from start to finished bake.

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