Our Bakes


Each day we bake our core selection of Watlington loaves (white), History loaves  (wholemeal) and Albert loaves (a soft white sourdough without the holes). We also bake a specialty loaf each day; marmite, Danish rye, olive and walnut, miso and sesame. The line up is always evolving 


​Similarly to our breads, we have a vast array of different pastries and treats. Our staple bakes are our cinnamon buns, cheese and marmite swirls, doughnuts and cheese straws Featuring alongside these, we have wild garlic and chorizo swirls, rhubarb buns, maple syrup and bacon rolls and many other sweet and savoury pastries. We try and source as much as we can as locally as possible – our eggs, milk and honey all come from local villages. Our flour is milled at Wessex Mill in Wantage but much of it is grown at nearby farms 


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